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In today’s multicultural society, successful organizations recognize the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace to promote employee engagement and wellness, and to enhance productivity. But a diverse workplace doesn’t necessarily mean an inclusive one. In our communications, we must consider diversity elements such as race, religion, gender, mental health, different perspectives and political views. Both managers and employees can contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Why you should Attend

Appreciating diversity is a business imperative. Of course, we should treat all people with respect and dignity in all aspects of our life, both work and personal.  Diversity as a business imperative goes beyond this. It means that if we all had the same background, experience and ways of thinking, we would be limited in our ability to solve problems, develop new ideas, compete in our industry, and, thus, to effectively meet organizational goals. The organizations that promote diversity and inclusion will be the ones to succeed.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Understand the benefits of working in a diverse workplace
  • Identify opportunities to adopt more inclusive behaviours
  • Assess and develop your culturally competence
  • Develop self-awareness and learn how to adapt to different communication styles
  • Learn strategies to increase collaboration and teamwork

Who Will Benefit

  • All Staff and Managers
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