We are Canada's leading image & professional communication consultants

Our virtual and in-person training and workshops instill confidence in your professional teams.

Demonstrating personal and professional competence through appearance and communication is at the very core of what we do.

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We offer both virtual & in-person options.
Bilingual training options are also available


Presence is our personality projected.

Our personality shines through our choice of wardrobe, our demeanor and our actions. Be sure to promote your best self.



Communication is key.

Communication is a broad topic with many facets. You’ll find we have a lot to offer: emotional intelligence, presenting, writing, listening, interpersonal, leadership, and more!


People believe what they see.

Our behaviour is the external realization of our character and personality. Presenting yourself and your message as persuasively as possible is more a matter of skill than an innate talent. In other words, it is a learned process. Learning the easy to implement techniques to connecting with others is the journey to which we all aspire.

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