Lynne Mackay is Canada’s preeminent Image Consultant with over 30 years’ experience making professionals feel confident about the way they look. Appearance is communication. Be sure to always communicate the right message!


It’s what we do! Communication is a broad topic with many facets. You’ll find we have a lot to offer: emotional intelligence, presenting, writing, listening, interpersonal, leadership, and more!


We believe what we see. Our behaviour is the external realization of our character and personality. Presenting yourself and your message as persuasively as possible is more a matter of skill than an innate talent. In other words, it is a learned process. Learning the easy to implement techniques to connecting with others is the journey to which we all aspire.

About Us

Mackay Bryne Group Inc. is a Canadian soft skills training company. MBG Inc. is a subsidiary of Lynne Mackay Image Consulting (LMI). In response to market demand for communications skills training, Lynne expanded her company  with the addition of Paul Byrne. As a Professor of Communications Skills, Paul’s vast experience and creative spirit inspired communications skills training to compliment LMI. Consequently, he joined Lynne and went on to serve many of Canada’s Fortune 500 companies.

Bolstered by their success and ongoing client requests, Lynne Mackay and Paul Byrne formalized their partnership in the spring of 2000 and formed Mackay Byrne Group Inc.

LMI celebrates over 35 years of success, Mackay Byrne Group Inc. has been a highly reputable and successful partnership in the Image Consulting and Performance Communications training field for over 15 years.

Lynne Mackay specializes in the delivery of individual consultations, keynotes, workshops and conferences that enhance a company’s human resource credibility.  These include personal image, networking, and business etiquette/professional behaviour programs.  Lynne has travelled extensively in her 35 years of working with many Fortune 500 companies across North America.  She has a proven background in personal appearance and image development and has counselled top executives in many well-known corporations.  Her in-house seminars are dynamic and effective, providing valuable practical insights that can be applied by all who attend.

Paul Byrne is a senior trainer with Mackay Byrne Group; he is also a professor of communications skills in Ottawa, Ontario. As a professor, he’s been formally recognized for outstanding achievements in teaching and curriculum design. Corporate clients have been consistently rewarded with his ability to translate academic theory and psychological research into practical communication techniques for the workplace. His training design and delivery skills have been applauded by clients coast to coast.
His personal belief is that enhanced communication competence is a result of a heightened self-awareness, an appreciation of benefits (personal and organizational), and knowledge of easy to understand communication techniques and strategies. To this end, he consistently creates an environment that is psychologically safe, highly participatory, and above all, professionally relevant.


Hi Lynne, First and foremost – nothing but “beyond stellar” feedback from our event – even though I’m not a baseball fan, I have to say that you “knocked the cover off the ball” – thank you. You were wonderful, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and help.

Patrick OConnell, MBA, MADistrict Vice President, Mackenzie

“In my travels with different representatives this week, I gained further comments on Paul and the fact that he is an excellent facilitator who brought a lot of fun into the session. Everyone is interested in seeing Paul again, and head office is interested in rolling out Paul’s program at a national level.”

Shari IrwinRegional Manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Our clients confirm that Lynne Mackay’s seminars have assisted them in gaining greater poise, authority and self-confidence during the career transition process. They have consistently rated Lynne’s seminars to be outstanding.”

Jeffrey SingerRegional Managing Principal, Right Management Consultants

“Thank you for making our Connections Conference such a success. We have recently completed our conference surveys, and I am delighted to say that more than 85% of our participants confirmed that they left your session with specific take-aways they planned to incorporate into their business immediately. This is a tremendous impact from such a large and diverse group of sales professionals.”

Wendi BaconRegional Vice President, Atlantic Canada RBC Royal Bank

“It was great working with you, too. I’ve already started to put some of what I learned from you into practice. Many thanks for your honest, direct and savvy approach. I will be in touch about your other services. Would you also let me know about the services and rates of your colleague as I’m interested in developing my speaking skills and projecting authority.”

Heidi LasiPresident, Communicarium