Individual Consults

Half to Full Day Program

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are not offering in-person consultations. However, you can have an individual consultation over Zoom, WebEx, MS Team or Skype.

Part 1 – Virtual Image Analysis: Lynne Mackay

A great presence projects credibility, composure and confidence. This persona is built on a healthy foundation of positive self-esteem and rational thinking. Attending virtual or live meetings, delivering presentations, conversing with colleagues: all these work events provide an opportunity to promote a great presence – even virtually. Our appearance, non-verbal communication, voice and words combine to demonstrate our persona. It should be constructed in a way that consistently sends the right message.

• Analysis of individual physical characteristics, body type, colouring, grooming and clothing personality as they appear on camera

• Analysis of personal career needs and situations • Virtual colour analysis • Business casual dress do’s and don’ts, business professional recommendations in dress and related items specifically tailored to your virtual presence. 

• Budget and where and how to shop

This virtual session will be done via Zoom and is supportive and confidential. Lynne Mackay will provide recommendations in a digital workbook for personal reference. A virtual colour pallet for appropriate shopping selections will also be included in this service.

Part 2 – Networking & Social Etiquette Skills (Optional)

Networking has a set of unwritten expectations we must understand and use to be successful. Managing the impression, you make and maximizing your ‘likeability’ are the key ways to achieve this.

First impressions really are important. The way you greet people can set the tone for the entire interaction that follows. In this fun and interactive workshop you will be given tips on putting your best foot forward with effective introductions. You’ll master the principles of impression management by exploring perceptual tendencies, the ins-and-outs of small talk and the subtleties of conversation. This presentation can be tailored to an individual and will combine lecture and exercises to practice key networking and etiquette strategies to ensure successful business development.

  • Be an ambassador in representing the mission and values of the organization
  • Incorporate appropriate business protocols during all client interactions
  • Host and guest behaviours in a Zoom call
  • Virtual etiquette skills

Personal Benefits:

  • Maximize your impression management skills
  • Create a visual presence that conveys credibility and self-assurance
  • Incorporate the psychology of positive and negative impressions when building a professional wardrobe
  • Have fun learning how our image affects the impressions others have of us
  • Know the techniques necessary to develop a style of your own
  • Discover which styles are most in harmony with you and your career objectives

Part 3 – Performance Communication Skills: Paul Byrne (Optional)

Professional communication is the cornerstone to success as a leader. These 1-hour individualized sessions focus on the essential communication skills to lead effectively. We’ll explore, and practice, the skills of listening with intent, sending messages with clarity and persuasiveness and communicating for success. Through 1-on-1 interaction, self- diagnosis, case studies and skill practice, participants will learn practical communication skills relevant to their workplace reality, closing gaps in areas necessary for them. Participants will learn to communicate more effectively with all levels of the company’s hierarchy: supervisors, peers and subordinates.

This session has helped countless individuals – lawyers, politicians, businesspeople, psychologists, etc., by providing easily implemented strategies and techniques to communicate more effectively. Now it’s specifically tailored to helping professionals working in a virtual world.

As we proceed through the session we will explore and practice a selection of the following skill areas:

  • Communication Style
  • Conflict Style
  • Listening Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Non-verbal Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Role-play Assessment of Difficult Situations 
  • Conversation Management

The session will illuminate areas for improvement and we’ll work on them immediately.

Video analysis is used to provide immediate feedback.