Strategies to Effectively Work and Present Remotely – June 24

Effectively Work

Learn strategies to improve productivity and presentation skills while working remotely.

In this CPA Ontario course, you will understand that time management is about managing yourself by optimizing your energy and seeking work/life balance. Instead of trying to only manage time, you will shift your thinking. Explore what stops you from achieving your best results and learn strategies to attain them. By adopting creative approaches and technical tools, you will be able to implement productivity strategies to perform more effectively while working remotely.

Now that you are working remotely, you are suddenly attending a lot of online meetings and creating online presentations. This webinar will give you the tools and skills to adapt both your presentation style and your materials to make powerful remote presentations.


  • Adapt your presentation style and learn strategies to engage a remote audience
  • Learn how to stay connected and focused on clear goals while working remotely
  • Avoid procrastination and establish new habits to get the most out of your time
  • Tips and pointers on how to create a pleasing visual online presence in your home office
  • Discover how to engage your audience and manage questions


Managers and employees at all levels of an organization wishing to avoid wasting time and increase productivity by giving effective remote presentations.

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