About Us

Demonstrating personal and professional competence through appearance and communication is at the very core of what we do.

Mackay Byrne Group prides itself in offering professional training seminars that improve our clients’ image, business etiquette and communication skills. Our seminars are done in a safe, highly participatory environment. They can be delivered live or virtually on your preferred platform. Organization and individual options are available.  

For a peak performance workshop, we will provide: 

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization to tailor activities, case studies and examples that are relevant to your participants.
  • Be available to discuss the details of your training requirements.
  • Be respectful of all your training needs and restrictions: time frames, content, delivery and follow-up.
  • Create entirely new and customized courses for you.
  • Provide participants with literature: handouts, booklets, manuals, etc., that summarize main points and assist in further personal development. Digital copies will be distributed for virtual seminars. 
  • Create a collegial environment that sponsors the professional sharing of successes and challenges to produce tremendous professional education and growth. 
  • Provide training for all levels in your organization: individual, group, executives, salespeople, front line workers, etc. 
  • Guarantee that your investment in people will have the results you need. 
  • Arrange a webinar on the platform of your choice 
  • Be flexible with your scheduling requirements. We know that meetings don’t always follow schedules. 
  • Travel to the locations of your choice. 
  • Arrange the logistical details of transportation and reproduction services. 

Our History

1985, Lynne Mackay image Consulting: Targeted for Success

In 1985, Lynne Mackay founded a unique new consulting service dedicated to molding business men and women into true professionals through educating them about their personal image and offering guidance on how to best present themselves in the workplace and their personal lives. Her focus at the time was professional appearance, business etiquette and networking skills. Media quickly caught on and her company was featured in magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

LMI’s expertise in fashion, colour, design, tailoring, and textiles was noticed in corporate Canada and Lynne began providing seminars, conference keynotes, and individual advice tailored to her client’s specific lifestyle and career objectives. Enhancing a company’s work force competence and credibility through the personal and professional growth of individuals became her specialty.

2000, Mackay Byrne Group adds Performance Communications

The “soft” skills of communication, in all its facets, are among the most important determinants to one’s professional success. Organizations who engage employees to be better communicators consistently out perform their competitors using every business metric. Due to customer demand, Lynne Mackay Image Consulting added Performance Communications to the formula and launched a new brand, committed to a broader approach to professional training with the help of Paul Byrne, a charismatic expert in the field.

2015, Look, Behave, Communicate

Mackay Byrne Group innovates again with a one stop shop approach, encapsulated in Look, Behave, Communicate. Here you’ll find professional education curriculum that embodies and full spectrum of competencies. Our singular goal is to make your people the best.

We’ll take the time to learn about your expectations, develop content to achieve objectives, and deliver content to guarantee professional growth and competence through our seminars, keynotes, individual consultations, webinars, lunch and learns, and more.

Mackay Byrne Group’s training, by design, taps into the experiences and expertise of attendees. This experiential focus is what challenges, enlightens, and provides the opportunities for growth and enhanced communication competence. Inspiring a commitment to success, for themselves, for colleagues, and for their organization, is the reason Canada’s Fortune 500 companies consistently retain us.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Lynne Mackay


Lynne Mackay is one of Canada’s most experienced Image Consultants, sought after for speaking and coaching engagements in the area of image, networking and social/business etiquette skills. She works with all levels of a company: executives, managers, sales professionals, new hires, entrepreneurs, and political leaders. Her dedication and consistent delivery of quality programs relevant to today’s business world is what has sustained her business for 30 years.

Lynne Mackay has traveled extensively in her 30 years working with many Fortune 500 companies across North America. She has counseled thousands of top executives in many well-known corporations.

Her keynote addresses are dynamic and effective in providing valuable and practical insights that can be applied by all who attend. Feel comfortable having Lynne deliver her message to your group. Her experience, enthusiasm and energy will have your participants captivated and inspired.

Paul Byrne


Paul Byrne is a senior trainer with Mackay Byrne Group. Lynne and Paul formed Mackay Byrne Group, MBG, in 2002 and began developing and offering communication skills to Canada’s corporate clients. Paul’s expertise in communication skills has grown the business to over 30 programs and allowed MBG to become a ‘one stop shop’: how you look, behave and communicate.

Paul Byrne is a Professor of Communication skills in Ottawa. As a professor, he’s been formally recognized for outstanding achievements in teaching and curriculum design. Corporate clients have been consistently rewarded with his ability to translate academic theory and psychological research into practical communication techniques for the workplace. His training design and delivery skills have been applauded by clients coast to coast.

His personal belief is that enhanced communication competence is a result of a heightened self-awareness, an appreciation of benefits (personal and organizational), and knowledge of easy to understand communication techniques and strategies. To this end, he consistently creates an environment that is psychologically safe, highly participatory, and above all, professionally relevant.

Michael Mulvey


Michael S. Mulvey is a trainer with Mackay Byrne Group and professor of marketing at the Telfer School of Management. Michael is often recognized for teaching excellence; his courses in marketing, consumer behaviour and MBA strategic marketing management are among the highest-rated at the University of Ottawa. He began his career at Rutgers Business School in 1996 and he has also taught at Penn State and the Bucharest School of Management.

Michael has extensive consulting experience and has conducted research for companies such as Bank of America, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Motorola, and Toyota USA. His academic research focuses on how products, brands and activities gain personal relevance to consumers. He is an active keynote speaker and seminar leader for various organizations including The Conference Board of Canada, Canadian Marketing Association, Canada Revenue Agency, and the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing. He is a go-to media expert on the topics of branding, marketing strategy, and consumer research and has shared his views in over 250 interviews in outlets such as CBC Radio One, CTV News, The Gazette, Global National, The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, Marketing Management, The New York Times, Ottawa Citizen, and Toronto Star.

Michael earned his Ph.D. in business administration, with a concentration in marketing from The Pennsylvania State University in 1997. He received his MSc in management systems from Clarkson University, and was awarded a Bachelors of Commerce in marketing from the University of Ottawa.

Paula Connolly


Paula Connolly, Senior Facilitator, has 25 years of experience in professional development training. She has designed and developed over 40 training programs and presents classroom and webinar seminars to help participants improve communication, productivity and leadership skills. Paula also supports businesses to implement organizational change and improve outcomes.

Paula has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Acadia University and certifications in Adult Education and Professional Courseware Design, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Dimensions