Presentation Skills for Professionals: Live and Virtual Delivery – July 20th –



We’ll cover everything you need to know to deliver any presentation with clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence.
This course is designed for professionals with an emphasis on focusing on an objective to inform or persuade, analyzing an audience to match message to needs, developing visuals to enhance your message, and projecting competence through body language and voice.

Link to Webinar

Why you should Attend

Do your presentations have the impact you intend? Does your delivery grab and hold your audience’s attention? Do your words motivate audiences to action? Your professional image can be either built or undermined by your presentation abilities.

This highly successful webinar, customized for professionals, will enhance your presentation skills and give you the insights you need to project a confident professional image in any speaking circumstance.

When your presentation is via technology many of same principles apply but special consideration is given to audio, location, lighting and your appearance.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Deliver a presentation with confidence and skill
  • Organize your presentation structure for maximum impact
  • Reduce distracting non-verbal communication habits
  • Polish delivery and make effective contact with audience
  • Make performance anxiety work for you
  • Accurately analyze an audience
  • Strengthen speech patterns to increase credibility
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction
  • Demonstrate control in difficult to control situations
  • Target message to audience and attitude
  • Build speaker confidence (dealing with nervousness)
  • Using visual to enhance rather than compete with message
  • Handling Questions: demonstrating control
  • Virtual Presentations: audio, location, lighting and appearance

Who Will Benefit

  • Executive Level
  • Sales
  • Pretty much Everyone else too!
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