Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Situations: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom – July 15th traininng.com


Learn how diversity and inclusion contributes to an innovative and successful workplace.

Appreciating diversity is a business imperative. Of course, we should treat all people with respect and dignity in all aspects of life. But diversity as a business imperative, however, goes beyond this. This CPA Ontario webinar will review the importance of diversity in the workplace, and will demonstrate how organizations that promote diversity will be the ones to succeed.

This seminar will discuss what diversity is and how to value uniqueness in others. Participants will learn how biases and stereotypes are formed, their impact in the workplace and how they can lead to discrimination. The course will explore strategies to disrupt unconscious bias and create equal opportunity. Finally, participants will practice inclusive language in oral and written communications, and set personal goals to build inclusive habits.


  • Understand the benefits of working in a diverse and inclusive workplace with equal opportunity for all employees
  • Identify opportunities to adopt more inclusive behaviours
  • Assess and begin to develop cultural competence
  • Learn to use more inclusive language and to adapt to diverse communication styles
  • Review strategies to disrupt biases and contribute to an inclusive work culture


Managers, employees and leaders seeking to grow awareness of what makes a workplace diverse and inclusive.

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