Virtual Image and Networking Skills – Manulife, Scotia Wealth, CPA Ontario are just a few of our clients benefiting from MBG’s 2021 professional development seminars.

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Client Engagement During the Pandemic

We know we want to engage with our clients and grow our client base, but now it seems more dicult than ever to do so. Join us for an illuminating virtual series to learn the best approaches to serve you and your clients. Customizable timelines: 1.5 hour to 2 hour session or choose 20 minute modules.
Module 1: Virtual First Impressions
Whether it’s a virtual meeting with internal partners or reaching out to clients, we need to ensure we’re comfortable with our online presence. We’ll cover expectations of professional appearance and decorum, because first impressions online are as important as in person.
Communicating online has its challenges as well. It’s easy to become distracted and ultimately less professional when working remotely.
• How to appear credible and trustworthy on camera
• Image tips in choice of clothing (colour, patterns, business casual options) grooming
• Virtual office impression
• Creating balance visually
• Avoiding distractions with backdrops,
• Lighting to look your best
• Body language, what to do with your hands, posture, facial expressions, etc.
• Virtual etiquette: eating, drinking, devices, taking leave, etc.
Module 2: Professional Image (on camera and in-person)
A universal perceptual tendency is to “judge a book by its cover”. We form lasting opinions based on what we see. In fact, over half of the impression you convey to others is based on appearance. The look of credibility, composure and professionalism must accompany the message for an audience or client to accept it.
• The impact of appearance on client perceptions
• How to create the “look” of professional credibility on camera
• Grooming: on camera tips, hair, facial hair, etc.
• Dressing for meetings (virtual and otherwise)
• Dressing for various levels of client interactions
• The power of colour on visual communication
• Clothes you should never wear, and the clothes you must have
• Why it is critical to appear current (not trendy) with your appearance
• Seasonal colour concepts that help streamline your wardrobe and provide maximum versatility
• The distinctions between professional and business casual dress
• How to look your best with minimal effort
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