October 2021 – Ottawa Legal Managers Association – The Art of One-Way Communication: From Email to Voice Mail – Part 2


Effective one-way communication requires an understanding of your receiver and crafting a message they’ll easily comprehend and retain. In Part I we covered the importance of structuring information in a certain way. Placing the main message at the beginning of written correspondence is preferred, and answering an audience’s unspoken questions during the introduction of a presentation is vital.

Part II of The Art of One-Way Communication picks up where we left off for writing and speaking. Writing must be concise and precise but not abrupt. We’ll cover language choice, active voice and positive tone to achieve the results we want.

A presentation needs to be well developed and well delivered to be a success. We’ll explore a more sophisticated approach to organization than was discussed in Part I. Good content needs to be delivered well. An understanding of the requirements and the mind-set for presentation delivery will have participants feeling more confident in any speaking circumstance.

Participants will.



  • Use language to break down barriers and create understanding
  • Incorporate a tone that enhances persuasive influence
  • Choose a voice that clear and concise



  • Organize a presentation aligned with topic and purpose
  • Allow delivery to be natural and engaging
  • Think in way to feel confident and comfortable
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