March 22 – Ottawa Legal Managers Association (OLMA) – MBG Back to the Future

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Back to the Future

The world has changed. And so must we. But don’t despair, the changes are easy. Certain skills have always been prized in the workplace, but now a few of those are simply going to be more prominent. Post pandemic research is pointing squarely at three particular skills that will be needed: self-direction, empathy, and resilience.

Working remotely or in hybrid mode requires a new level of self-discipline and self-direction. It requires an attitude of, ‘I can do this on my own.’ Albert Bandura, a renowned Canadian social psychologist, coined the term self-efficacy. He defined this to mean ‘the belief that one is capable of organizing and executing certain behaviors or reaching certain goals.’

In other words…it’s the ability to get things done!

The question is, can we enhance our levels of self-efficacy? The short answer is yes, and Albert Bandura shows us how. This program explores the four ways we can all learn to be more self-directed: Mastery, Modelling, Persuasion, and Psychology.

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