Learn how to increase your resilience for a less stressful, happier life.

As the world continues to cope with a global pandemic we are all feeling more stress both in our work and personal lives. Change is happening at an unprecedented rate and stress and anxiety can cause paralysis. But we are not just observers of our lives. We can take action, and now more than ever, we need to pay attention to our mental and physical health.

This half-day session will provide you with valuable insights, tools and strategies to build your energy and resilience to manage stress and increase productivity and happiness.


    • Understand the science behind stress and its impact on your mental and physical health
    • Focus on increasing positive activities that energize you
    • Develop a plan to build healthy habits in all aspects of your life
    • Understand and build resilience to manage stress and work more productively
    • Practice mindfulness in your work life to stay focused on key tasks


Anybody who is feeling more stress than normal due to COVID-19 can benefit from this universally relevant training.