World Compliance Seminars – Oct. 28th – Leading and Engaging Remote Teams and Developing a Successful Results-Based Work Culture

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This webinar provides tips on how to successfully support your team and drive results, with empathy and understanding, as we continue to work remotely. You will learn how to establish clear expectations for remote work, to stay connected with your team, and to promote teamwork to achieve results, while remaining flexible.

To protect our health, more and more companies are asking employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future. In fact, many organizations are considering a permanent shift to work-from-home for many roles. As a leader, you can no longer evaluate how things are going by walking around the office, checking in on staff and holding impromptu problem-solving meetings.  Managing a remote team presents many new challenges ranging from technical requirements, to how to stay connected, and how to monitor and produce results.

  • Understand challenges of managing a remote team
  • Understand key leadership competencies to successfully manage a remote team
  • Learn from the experience of leaders of remote teams
  • Learn strategies to improve your success as a remote leader
  • Adapt a new leadership mindset
  • Integrate technology tools to stay connected and to monitor performance
  • Identify challenges of managing a remote team
  • Identify key leadership competencies to successfully manage a remote team
  • Evaluate what leaders of remote teams have learned over the past 6 months (case studies)
  • Establish clear boundaries and shared expectations for your remote teams
  • Demonstrate understanding and empathy to support individuals
  • Become a successful mentor for your remote teams
  • Build trust and avoid micromanaging by focusing on results, not activity
  • Effectively use technology to improve communication and tracking

Set up a system to solve issues

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