The Art of Client Engagement

Business and client engagement

The newest mbg program, The Art of Client Engagement, A.C.E., has now been delivered in every major city in Canada. The premise of the program is to increase the Emotional Intelligence, E. I. Quotient, of participants with a view to enhancing client relationships. The foundational elements of high E.I.: Empathy, Curiosity, and Patience are explored and practiced in this highly experiential three hour program.
For most participants it’s not a first exposure to these concepts but rather a reminder of their importance in our client interactions. This fun, interactive professional development is well timed given the pressures and time constraints of the modern workplace. Creating a collegial and collaborative environment from the outset also serves to derail potential conflicts before they take hold. When an atmosphere of psychological safety is created, all involved are more comfortable to speak their minds, listen non-judgmentally, and ultimately be more productive.
A reawakening and rejuvenation of the soft skills that allow us to emotionally connect with prospective and existing clients is at the heart of stronger more committed client relationships.
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