Seminar – Genworth Canada – January 17, 2019 (The Art of One-Way Communication. Writing Essentials, Speaking Essentials and Business Professional: Promoting Your Best Self) Toronto, ON


The imperative to communicate with customers is increasing. Customers do appreciate being informed, but only when the information is relevant, profitable, and well communicated. Don’t risk alienating customers with poorly executed communication. Learn the skills to be clear, concise, and appropriate when informing customers.

Explore how you are perceived through email, Skype, text messaging or voice mail.

Learn the simple to implement skills of organizing a one-way transmission to motivate others to pay full attention to your message. The organizational structure (when to say what) assists tremendously with comprehension and retention of even the most complex of ideas. Impress all with your ability to simplify the complex, get to the heart of the matter, and motivate receivers to want to pay attention.

This workshop is designed for all those busy people who need to communicate with customers via technology.

Business Professional is a combination of Communicating Confidence, Poise/Polish and Business Casual Dress. See below.

Business Professional: Promoting Your Best Self

A universal perceptual tendency is to “judge a book by its cover”. We form lasting opinions based on what we see. In fact, over half of the impression you convey to others is based on appearance. The look of credibility, composure and professionalism must accompany the message for an audience or client to accept it. You must be believed to be heard, and we believe what we see.

Be sure to send the full message by visually presenting your professional credibility. This seminar is about attaining a professional presence that in all circumstances speaks well of you. Learn how your body language, dress and personal style impact the decisions others make of you and your ideas.

Participants will learn:

  • The impact of appearance on client perceptions
  • Powerful and lasting first impressions at every meeting
  • Poise and polish in all circumstances
  • Business Casual: What it is. Must have items
  • How to build a business wardrobe on your budget
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