CSAE Trillium Winter Summit Presentation – Friday, February 15th, 2019 in Burlington ON


9th Annual 2019 Winter Summit Final Education Program

Emotional Persuasion: The most important EQ skills needed in business today Incorporate the gold standard of emotional intelligence into your life: Empathy. Like a rare commodity this skill predominates in high-performers but is available to all. Learn how to incorporate empathy into your thinking and witness the personal and professional growth that ensues. Intrapersonal awareness is the foundation of everything! Take charge of your attitude and you take charge of your life with new strategies for beating negativity, eliminating doubts, and setting positive goals. Understand the power of thought, and its impact on prompting emotion. Recognize that thoughts are a choice, and that the right choice leads to better decisions and better outcomes.
Being persuasive is clearly one of the more important of the professional attributes. And yet, most professionals miss opportunities to capitalize on the emotional triggers that others use when making decisions. We’ll explore the subtle, yet powerful, persuasive strategies that increase the likelihood of others saying, ‘Yes’ to our compliance requests. Creating and maintaining a positive emotional connection requires high emotional intelligence. Understanding the personalities of others and having the skills to adapt our own behaviors to create comfort is the key to interpersonal awareness. Destroy the barriers that keep us apart and learn to
emotionally connect with those with whom we interact.
Presented by
Paul Byrne, Senior Partner and Trainer, Mackay Byrne Group
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