January 2020 – MD Financial Management

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This seminar will prepare staff to deliver a high-end experience for their guests at events through focused etiquette training.

Toronto, ON

Art of the Cocktail: Business Development in the Social Arena

Managing the impression you make and maximizing your ‘like-ability’ are the keys to making every networking opportunity consistently profitable. First impressions really are important. The way you greet people can set the tone for the entire interaction that follows. If you make a poor initial impression, you may spend the rest of your time overcoming it.

Meet and mingle with your colleagues while you learn from the pros. Brush up on the protocols of introductions, business card exchange, conversation management, and more. Learn the secrets to business development through rapport building.

Dining Etiquette: Maintaining a Positive Impression

In this fun and interactive workshop you will be given tips on putting your best foot forward with the non-verbal communication, effective introductions, table small talk, serving yourself at a buffet, dining demeanour and behaviours that will make you confident in any business social situation. You’ll learn the differences of attending larger group buffet venues and smaller dining situations.

Conversing with your clients at the dinner table is always an opportunity to create and strengthen the relationship, or to inadvertently weaken it. Understanding the ingredients of good conversation, knowing what to say and when, directing and redirecting the interaction, and being capable when it becomes difficult, are the hallmarks of excellent dining etiquette.

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