Instead of the typical cocktail party, consider a Fashion Forward evening with MBG

Getting a Head Start on Financial Success
How does a bank or Investment Advisor provide value to an evening with their high net worth clients and their children? Mix sound advice to help the young people establish themselves financially and professionally with a Fashion Forward evening from MBG! With clothes provided by Holts, up coming fashion ideas and a personalized colour palette, it’s an excellent and educational alternative to the typical cocktail party!

“I want to thank you very much for last night. I got some great feedback from my clients and even my buddy Scott is rethinking his navy, black and blue suits and his white and baby blue shirts!”
-Patricia Cullen, CFP, CIM, FCSI l Investment Advisor | Bells Corners Branch 90508  l RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
“I was thrilled when I heard you would be presenting the other night – it was absolutely a wonderful evening and out clients enjoyed it.”
– Louise Summers, PFP | Sales Manager Investment & Retirement Planning, RBC Financial Planning, Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

RBC Client appreciation event, 2014 (2)RBC Client appreciation, 2014 (3)

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