Professional Image and Performance Networking Skills program for Women in Wealth

Presenting to my TD Bank clients in Toronto, October 18, 2017

Really enjoyed presenting to my TD Bank clients in Toronto yesterday. The program was a combination of Professional Image, Performance Networking and Social Etiquette.

A great night with Lynne presenting her dining skills program at the St. Andrews Club in Toronto

Professional Image and Performance Networking Skills program for The Hamdy Smith Group, a Scotia Wealth Management team, at Toronto’s National Club

Lynne was pleased to present her Professional Image and Performance Networking Skills program for The Hamdy Smith Group, a Scotia Wealth Management team, at Toronto’s National Club.

This group of successful wealth professionals are no strangers to the competitive demands of their profession. And they clearly appreciate the nuances of presenting themselves both in appearance and behavior to their best advantage. It’s always great to interact with professionals at this level…simply because they really understand the impact the little things can make.

Our time together, albeit short, was educational and supportive. We explored, discussed and practiced,

  • Creating a positive emotional connection with those we meet at professional/social functions
  • How our appearance enhances, or undermines, our credibility in the eyes of others (we even did colours!)
  • The nuances of meeting clients in different settings: office/home, galas, sporting events, etc.
  • Social protocols and dining etiquette with a mind to focus on the client and opportunity rather than our own behaviors

Our professional lives are busy and full of competing demands. It’s important that we are professionally knowledgeable, tech savvy, excellent communicators, emotionally intelligent, caring and committed, etc., etc. Our hope, and goal, at Mackay Byrne Group is to give professionals the skills to be comfortable and confident within themselves as a foundation to flourish in their careers.

Lights! Camera! Action! Red carpet tips for revving up your image

Canada’s top image consultant Lynne Mackay hosted an entertaining walk down the red carpet TLOMA-style at Blue Mountain Resort recently. In this fun, interactive, Oscar-style pre-dinner “show”, Lynne played reporter and interviewed 300 participants and business partners as they came down the red carpet. “Who are you wearing?” was the question of the evening as Lynne shared her proven strategies for enhancing personal and professional image. Wardrobe, colour  analysis, hair, jewelry, footwear, makeup and eyewear were just some of the areas Lynne covered.

After all, what we wear, how we look and how we carry ourselves makes a bigger difference than many of us realize and can help us feel more confident.

A.C.E. The Art of Client Engagement

Given our tech dominated professional world I’ve been heartened with the response to our delivery of an Emotional Intelligence based program called A.C.E. The Art of Client Engagement. Credit goes to the executive team who saw the value of rolling this program out across Canada. Credit also goes to the participants for their open appreciation of the value of this kind of professional development. It was good to hear the takeaways: enhanced empathy, rejuvenated curiosity, and increased patience as a few of the emotional elements they will be practicing with their private wealth clients.


With technology mediated communication growing, the greater the imperative to capitalize on our precious face-to-face interactions. It’s our ability to emotionally connect with clients that allows business and referrals to flourish.


We at Mackay Byrne Group hope to see a continued trend towards professional development that focuses on the human side of business. With programs like A.C.E. being promoted and delivered across multiple industries it’s certainly looking promising.