SISIP Financial Client Communication: Emotional Persuasion and Presentation Skills

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Emotional Persuasion: The most important EQ skills needed in business today

Incorporate the gold standard of emotional intelligence into your life: Empathy. Like a rare commodity this skill predominates in high-performers but is available to all. Learn how to incorporate empathy into your thinking and witness the personal and professional growth then ensues.

Being persuasive is clearly one of the more important of the professional attributes. And yet, most professionals miss opportunities to capitalize on the emotional triggers that others use when making decisions. We’ll explore the subtle, yet powerful, persuasive strategies that increase the likelihood of others saying, ‘Yes’ to our compliance requests.

Presentation Skills for Professionals

Do your presentations have the impact you intend? Does your delivery grab and hold your audience’s attention? Do your words motivate audiences to action? Your professional image can be either built or undermined by your presentation abilities. This highly successful workshop, customized for professionals, will enhance your presentation skills and give you the insights you need to project a confident professional image in any speaking circumstance. We’ll cover everything you need to know to deliver any presentation with clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence.

This course is designed for professionals with an emphasis on focusing on an objective to inform or persuade, analyzing an audience to match message to needs, developing visuals to enhance your message, and projecting competence through body language and voice.

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