Professionalizing your Personal Brand on June 4th with Lundbeck Canada and CCPE


In this seminar, we introduce the professional personal brand concept with the purpose of
encouraging all workers (receptionists to CEOs) to take control of their own careers. Unlike a
personal brand which focuses on self-interested aspects of one’s private life, a professional
personal brand is service-minded and is uncompromisingly focused on one’s value to others.
Conventional wisdom of impression management asserts the importance of acting and
dressing for success, as all of our observed actions shape expectations of future behaviours.
As the lines between professional and personal reputations become blurred, it is important
to know how to leverage social media to one’s professional advantage and to avoid the
reputation-destroying outcomes of politically incorrect tweets, inapt Facebook postings, and
errant instant messages. In this seminar, you will learn to reclaim, recast, or renew your
personal brand with a focus on professionalism. A professional personal brand honors the
greater good one has accomplished for others and conveys one’s capacity to contribute value
to your network of colleagues, clients, and customers.

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