Emotional Intelligence: focusing on the most important EQ skills required in business today.


mbg’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Webinars focus on the most important EQ skills required in business today.
These, do not miss, webinars get to the heart of what matters most in our daily interactions with colleagues, clients, family and friends…. emotion. Our emotional abilities are learned, and can be improved with knowledge and practice. These webinar courses explore the most critical emotional quotients required in business.
Interested vs. Interesting
Revive the most important emotional skill to likeability. Realize that money (business, goodwill) flows in the direction of biographical knowledge. Think your way to a happier life.
Revive and incorporate your innate skill in three small talk opportunities, and witness your improved impact. Exercise self-compassion and live happier.
The Gold Standard of Emotional Intelligence
Incorporate the gold standard of emotional intelligence into your life. Like a rare commodity this skill predominates in high-performers but is available to all.
Begin creating a reputation that always speaks well of you.
Art of One-Way Communication
Learn the skills to be clear, concise, and appropriate when informing others.
Professionals do appreciate being well informed, but only when the information is relevant, profitable, and well communicated. Don’t risk alienating others with poorly executed communication. Impress all with your ability to simplify the complex, get to the heart of the matter, and motivate receivers to want to pay attention.
Details about our Emotional Intelligence Webinars are located in our Webinar section here.

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