CIBC: Art of the Cocktail – July


Managing the impression you make and maximizing your ‘like-ability’ are the keys to making every networking opportunity consistently profitable. First impressions really are important. The way you greet people can set the tone for the entire interaction that follows. If you make a poor initial impression, you may spend the rest of your time overcoming it.
Meet and mingle with your colleagues while you learn from the pros. Brush up on the protocols of introductions, business card exchange, conversation management, and more. Learn the secrets to business development through rapport building.
We start with a 15 minute presentation covering the basics of:
Emotional connection
Authentic Communication in the Social Arena
Approaching groups
Introductions: yourself and others
Cocktail etiquette
After this, we’ll list the issues that often cause confusion and discomfort for professionals attending social functions on the PowerPoint for participants to consider. Typical issues include, leaving groups, talking with client’s spouse, coping with criticism, handling gossip, transitioning to business talk, business card exchange, and many, many more.

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