NEW! Time Management: Get organized for peak performance

Time is money, the saying goes, and lots of it gets lost in disorganization and disruption. We also deal with a constant barrage of technology, people, and tasks that can contribute to that disorganization. Many people find that they flit from one task to another, trying to get everything done.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to make the most of your time by getting a grip on your workflow and office space, using your planner effectively, and delegating some of your work to other people.

Presenter: Maria Sowden-Weingarden, Transformation Coach and Change Catalyst

Emotional Intelligence: The three most important EQ skills needed in business today.

This, do not miss, webinar series gets to the heart of what matters most in our daily interactions with colleagues, clients, family and friends…. emotion. Our emotional abilities are learned, and can be improved with knowledge and practice. This multi part two webinar course explores the most critical emotional quotients required in business.

Presenter: Professor Paul Byrne

Professionalize Your Brand

Take charge of your reputation – your most valuable asset – by being mindful of professional standards to envision, execute, and transform your personal brand image.

The best opportunities for growth and development may lie in you. This webinar series draw attention to your personal brand and the impression you leave with others. You will learn how to leverage professional standards to set yourself apart and develop know-how to convey your value to others. This two part webinar course takes the power of impression management to the workbench to help you forge a professional brand.

Presenter: Michael S. Mulvey, PhD

Emotional Intelligence: Art of One-Way Communication

Learn the skills to be clear, concise, and appropriate when informing others.

Professionals do appreciate being well informed, but only when the information is relevant, profitable, and well communicated. Don’t risk alienating others with poorly executed communication. Impress all with your ability to simplify the complex, get to the heart of the matter, and motivate receivers to want to pay attention.

Presenter: Professor Paul Byrne

Professional Presence: The Essentials of Confidence, Credibility and Composure.

To elevate the inner strength innate in all of us and to foster the confidence that leads to enhanced performance.

We all perform better at any and all tasks when we feel confident in our abilities. No matter the endeavor, from doing a task to having a conversation, our performance is improved when we feel comfortable and confident. The question is how to create comfort and confidence.

This webinar series explores the underpinnings of keeping your composure and self-confidence high in the midst of hardship; how to identify and overcome your self-imposed barriers and limits. Learn to create win-win solutions with everyone you work with. In this exciting two part webinar series, you’ll learn how to confidently express your ideas and feelings; deal with negative, aggressive and difficult people; never feel the need to make excuses, over-explain, or over-apologize. You’ll learn how to speak about your accomplishments with accuracy and confidence.

Join us for this invigorating series to empower yourself to feel and be your professional and personal best.

Presenter: Professor Paul Byrne

Start My Style – Work & Play!

Make every shopping excursion a consumer victory. Don’t spend money on clothes you don’t look good in and won’t wear. Save time, energy, and money in knowing what suits you. Our Image is ever evolving; fashion trends change and evolve overtime. What we wore in business in the past is not necessarily the right choice for us today.

Presenter: Lynne Mackay