Join us for a fun and illuminating cocktail party. Meet and mingle with your colleagues while we learn from the pros. Brush up on the protocols of introductions, business card exchange, conversation management, and more. Learn the secrets to business development through rapport building. Find out what to wear to your next social function to convey credibility and professional confidence.

Are you submissive, aggressive or assertive? Find out where you fit and why assertiveness is the best way to achieve your goals.  Learn the words to use, the secrets of body language, and how to interpret another’s behaviour to make positive assertiveness a productive force in your life.

Take charge of your attitude and take charge of your life with new strategies for beating negativity, eliminating doubts, and setting positive goals.

Business Writing
Learn the essentials to being a better business writer. Learn the practical and immediately relevant skills to make correspondence easier to write, easier to read, and easier to understand.

Do you have that indefinable quality – charisma – that makes someone want to listen and trust you?  Charisma is a psychological tool that all professionals can learn to use.  By reading the kinesic and proxemic cues sent to you, you modify your interpersonal style to suit the needs of the other.  Then you use your body, your voice, and your message to project an image of confidence and openness.

Coaching allows employees to move to higher levels of job responsibility.  Learn the crucial roles of appraiser, mentor, teacher, role model, and advocate, and how to perform each successfully.

Master the art of face-to-face communication for successful meetings, sales calls, and more rewarding business relationships.

Conversation Management
Relationships are created and maintained through our conversations. These interactions can either promote or diminish the quality of the relationship.  Learn what to say and when to say it; learn to direct and redirect conversations; learn to acknowledge emotions and to disclose information appropriately.

Essential Presentations Skills
This highly successful workshop will enhance your presentation skills and give you the insights you need to project a confident executive image in any speaking circumstance. Our expert facilitators cover the need to know requirements to deliver any presentation with clarity and persuasiveness.

Professional Image
A universal perceptual tendency is to “judge a book by its cover”.  We form  lasting opinions based on what we see.  In fact, over half of the impression you convey to others is based on appearance.  The look of credibility, composure and professionalism must accompany the message for an audience or client to accept it.  You must be believed to be heard, and we believe what we see.

Workplace Climate
Learn how to mange disagreements before they escalate into unproductive anger.  Explore a proven model of interpersonal conflict resolution and create a supportive workplace environment.

Our workforce is increasingly diverse.  Capitalize on our differences to create a positive, productive, and inclusive workplace reality.  Learn to maximize mutual comfort and communication through sensitivity and strategy.

Learn how to expand your listening capabilities and become a more effective communicator.  Listening is a learned skill that typically has been ignored as such; consequently, it’s our worst communication skill.  Learn to take in a greater amount of information, hear what’s not being said, and build relationships in this powerful session.

Social Styles
This highly successful seminar brings participants to new insights about themselves, their colleagues, and their customers. Learn to assess the interpersonal style of others, and learn how to maximize your communication approach to enhance effectiveness and persuasiveness.

Explore the subtleties and complexities of business etiquette. Maintain a professional and competitive edge by learning the basics; introductions, business etiquette,dining out, public manners, and attire. This seminar is for men and women.

Self Improvement
Create positive working relationships. Notice the warning signs to prevent poor interpersonal relations and avoid self-victimization.  Instead, enjoy a supportive work climate, and an enhanced sense of self-worth.