CCPE Making Better Decisions Seminar in October

Making Better Decisions

Good decisions means good business. Join us for this illuminating one-hour webinar to learn the essential skills of making and implementing good decisions in the workplace. Our work requires decision making as a key component and yet most are unaware of the process that makes for better decisions.

This webinar explores everything from: do you need to even make a decision; which process to employ: rational or intuitive; seven step process for big decisions, etc.

Participants will learn

  • When to make or not make a decision
  • Different styles for different circumstances
  • Apply an appropriate strategy given the factors
  • Explore our thinking defaults that lead us in different directions
  • Implement the proven process leading to good outcomes
  • Explore the challenges of team decision making


This webinar is ideal for anyone that needs to think about options and implement plans at work.