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August 24th Traininng.com – Presentation Skills for Professionals: Live and Virtual Delivery

Do your presentations have the impact you intend? Does your delivery grab and hold your audience’s attention? Do your words motivate audiences to action? Your professional image can be either built or undermined by your presentation abilities. This highly successful webinar, customized for professionals, will enhance your presentation skills and give you the insights you […]

Remote Presentations : How to Make Them Engaging and Productive by Paula Connolly scheduled to go LIVE on Friday July 31st, 2020 at 11AM ET

Overview https://www.traininng.com/webinar/remote-presentations-:-how-to-make-them-engaging-and-productive-201675live Suddenly you are working remotely and doing on-line presentations. If you are wondering how to be more effective, this webinar will give you the tools and skills to adapt both your presentation style and your materials to make powerful remote presentations. You will learn tips on how to create a pleasing visual on-line […]

Professional Presence: The Essentials of Confidence, Credibility and Composure Webinar – Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 11AM ET

Overview https://www.traininng.com/webinar/professional-presence:-the-essentials-of-confidence,-credibility-and-composure-201674live Presence is personality projected. A presence that speaks well of an individual is one that projects credibility, composure, and confidence. These behaviors are not spoken but rather are displayed through the sum total of the individual. This persona is built on a healthy foundation of positive self-esteem and rational thinking. Attending meetings, delivering […]

June 17: Productivity Pointers to Work Remotely

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. Many of us are looking for ways to stay connected while working remotely. Now more than ever, we need to focus our efforts, have clear goals and implement strategies to use our time effectively. This session will help you avoid procrastination and establish new habits to get the most […]

Professionalizing your Personal Brand on June 4th with Lundbeck Canada and CCPE

In this seminar, we introduce the professional personal brand concept with the purpose ofencouraging all workers (receptionists to CEOs) to take control of their own careers. Unlike apersonal brand which focuses on self-interested aspects of one’s private life, a professionalpersonal brand is service-minded and is uncompromisingly focused on one’s value to others.Conventional wisdom of impression […]

Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Situations Serenity, Courage, Wisdom

Overview This highly regarded virtual presentation uncovers the often-hidden motivations of why we act the way we do, and provides practical, easy to implement, strategies to turn negatives into positives and strengthen interpersonal relationships. We’ll explore the typical difficult interactions of your workplace and discuss approaches that lead to improved outcomes.To be at our best […]

May 14: Live Webinar on Presentation Skills for Professionals: Live and Virtual Delivery

Overview We’ll cover everything you need to know to deliver any presentation with clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence. This course is designed for professionals with an emphasis on focusing on an objective to inform or persuade, analyzing an audience to match message to needs, developing visuals to enhance your message, and projecting competence through body language and […]